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Four Simple GoalsHi friends! Today I'm here to share a quick update about my experiences with four simple goals this season.

Goals number one and three ended up working together! I found several new home-cooked meals (and snacks!) that both Jeremy and I absolutely love. For my birthday both my brother and sister gifted me soup cookbooks and Emma surprised me with a beautiful dutch oven. Jeremy and I have tried about six or seven soup recipes so far, most of them with a base of green vegetables like celery, peas or broccoli. 

In addition we made up a simple recipe for broccoli slaw with bacon that is super delicious. Sometimes we make it with shaved brussels sprouts instead of broccoli. I can't decide which I like more, they're both really good. I'll share those recipes here sometime soon! 

For goal number two I would give myself like a C+. I did try a couple new hairstyles and added a couple new items to my makeup routine, but I don't feel like I tried anything outside my "box" this season. I feel very settled in my style, which is good thing in most ways, but I want to always be actively evolving even if it's in small ways. I'll be carrying this goal into the new year in some way. 

My fourth goal is by far my favorite. I wanted to start a new tradition with Jeremy that is something for just us and sometime that we can continue in the future as our family grows. We live near all of our family so we have a pretty intense holiday routine. We go to lots of different places on Christmas Eve and on Christmas day to visit family. This year we decided to make Christmas Eve-Eve (Monday night) our night at home to make a special dinner and treat. Jeremy picked homemade donuts for our treat. I'm so excited! We're planning to try one of Emma's donut recipes (probably this one). 

Tell me about your four simple goals? I'd love to hear about your experiences! xo. Elsie 

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