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A Beautiful Mess Shop is now up!!Today we are excited to announce that our new shop site is here! We've been working on this for quite some time (lots of late nights and weekends). It's hard to believe it's finally ready to share with you all!

Here's a rundown of the products you will currently find in our shop (and some of those with the coming soon status too): 

Photoshop Actions/ Fresh Before + After Sarah Rhodes and I teamed up to create three collections of Photoshop actions. The three collections represent the spectrum of photography styles we love and use for the different types of shoots here on A Beautiful Mess.

UPDATE: We've updated the original A Beautiful Mess actions so they are even better than before and available for both Photoshop and Lightroom You can read more about our refreshed action packs here


Crash Courses/ 

For our new site we've create three types of classes. The first is the crash course. Crash Courses are shorter (usually less than 10 sessions!), cheaper (usually under $10) and on more defined topics. They're the kind of course you could read in a night or on a weekend. 

We're super excited about Crash Courses because they give us the opportunity to really focus in on subjects that we love. For example, our literary agent Lindsay is writing a crash course (due out in April) about how to write and pitch a book proposal (exciting, yes?!!). 


For the past few years we sold e-courses on subjects like blogging, art journaling, and small business. We LOVED teaching those courses and learned a ton. That experience was really what inspired us to develop this new site! 

On the new site we're offering new e-courses and also some 2.0 versions of courses we taught in the past. If you took one of our courses in the past you'll feel at home with a similar, comfortable format. E-Courses now come with a private Q&A page where students can ask the teacher questions and read through all the questions that other students have asked as well! 

The first e-course we're offering is 52 Weeks Of Art Journaling with Rachel Denbow. It's the perfect way to give yourself a creative kickstart week-by-week, all year long! 52 Weeks of Art Journaling E-Course (click through to register!!)


The last category of classes we're offering is Workshops. Workshops are special because they are interactive, class sizes are limited, and they run for a shorter time period. They are more structured and offer interaction with the teacher and other students through a private forum. Photography workshops include a private gallery for students to share their work and receive comments from classmates on photography assignments. 

The first workshop we're offering is Mastering Your DSLR with Candice Stringham. It's a beginner's guide to understanding your camera. This course covers all the different settings and controls on a DSLR for both Canon and Nikon users. Candice explains what they mean, when to use them, and most importantly, how to use them to get the look you want!Mastering Your DSLRThis class begins March 17th. Sign up soon to reserve your spot! 

Wanna see more? You can view a schedule of upcoming classes here (we'll be continually updating that with more pages).  

Please note: Our new website is in its beta version. If you have any issues with viewing items or checking out, we want to hear about that (e-mail support AT redvelvetart DOT com). 

Thanks so much for sharing our joy today! We're so excited to meet many more of you through these new classes! xo. Elsie, Emma + the ABM team

NOTE: Some people are getting some server errors when they're checking the site. It's reacting to a big surge in traffic. First, wow! Thank you soooo much!! Second, we're reaching out to our hosting as we speak to resolve the issue. Sorry for the inconvenience. In the meantime, if you hit refresh once or twice, it should load for you.


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