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Brunch at Metropolitan Farmer in Springfield, MissouriToday we're excited to kick off a new feature that we've affectionately named "Great Dates." Each round we will share two places or activities that make fun pairings for a date, like dinner and a movie!

This past year we noticed that our favorite date activities changed so much depending on the season, and we started to think it would be fun to document them. We also started to get curious about what other people do for their dates. "Are we missing out?" It's fun to get inspired by others, so sometimes we'll feature our friends' favorite date ideas too. Variety is the spice of life! 

Great Dates isn't just for couples. We'll also feature dates for friends or family, double dates, group dates, etc! If it's a date—we're into it. We hope you are too. 

Okay—so our first date is brunch and the farmers market! Let's go.

Brunch at Metropolitan Farmer in Springfield, Missouri Brunch at Metropolitan Farmer in Springfield, Missouri Part 1: Brunch

We're weekend brunchers. Almost every Saturday morning you can find us at one of our favorite brunch spots. One of our newest favorites is Metropolitan Farmer (in our hometown Springfield, Missouri). They serve delicious local food, and they're only open for brunch on the weekends.

We've tried just about every item on the menu, and I'm not exaggerating, they're all amazing. On this particular Saturday I got the trout, and it was so good. 

Brunch at Metropolitan Farmer in Springfield, Missouri    Brunch at Metropolitan Farmer in Springfield, Missouri    They have a Bloody Mary bar that is pretty out of this world! Check out that hot sauce collection. It's a beautiful thing.

Brunch at Metropolitan Farmer in Springfield, Missouri      I garnished mine with bacon because how could I not when it was an option? :)

Brunch at Metropolitan Farmer in Springfield, Missouri        We highly recommend this spot. They have a patio that's perfect for brunch. Order the donuts if you're in the mood for a treat! 

Farmers Market of The OzarksPart 2: Farmers Market 

Our favorite farmers market is Farmers Market of the Ozarks. Last year we started going nearly every Saturday, and it's become one of our favorite rituals. Jeremy cooks and grills at home often, so he likes to pick up fresh veggies and meat for his weekly dinners. I'm mostly in it for salad ingredients and fresh juice. Oh—and puppy watching! This week we saw a baby pug, and Jeremy had a momentary lapse in judgement and told me we could get another puppy (he took it back later—haha). 

Farmers Market of The Ozarks Farmers Market of The Ozarks  Five # ApparelNear the farmers market there are a whole bunch of really great local stores opening. The new Five Pound Apparel location is gorgeous. I love their homemade light fixture. Pretty rad, huh? 

Five # ApparelThey sell my FAVORITE T-shirts. I have a whole bunch of them. :) 

Five # ApparelHa! Jeremy intensely smelling a candle. He's been collecting them for his new studio. 

Five # ApparelI had fun documenting this part of our lives with Sarah. I hope you enjoy our new feature! We can't wait to share more local places we love in Springfield and other cities we visit often. We have a growing list! 

Jeremy + ElsieJeremy + ElsieAre you in the mood for brunch and the farmers market now? xo. Elsie 

Credits// Author: Elsie Larson, Photography: Sarah Rhodes. Photos edited with Phoenix from the Fresh Collection.


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