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Blog Life E-Course FAQs Hey, friends! We are SO thankful and excited about the response to our new e-course, Blog Life. This project is something we're incredibly passionate about, so we've been on a business high ever since the course launched. Answering students' questions on the private Q+A board is my new favorite thing to do. :) 

Anyway! As always, we had a lot of questions surrounding the course, so we decided to post a quick FAQ here to address them. 

Q. What is the format of the lessons (e.g., written copy or video lessons?) 

A. All of the lessons are written. You can read them through our website or download our PDF (It's 140 pages long! Eek!) and read them on any device without Wi-Fi, as well. The lessons are pretty long and include homework, so we recommend taking it slow and completing all of your homework for each lesson before moving on to the next. There is a downloadable workbook included that you can use to keep your notes and plans organized! 

There is also a 20-minute video included in one of our bonus sessions on the subject of negativity on the Internet. 

Q. I live outside the US. Can I still take the course? Will I miss anything? 

A. This e-course, and all of our courses, are specifically designed to be friendly to our international readers! There are no timelines or dates you can miss. Your time zone will not affect your class experience at all. As long as you are comfortable reading a course written in English, we recommend it to anyone worldwide! 

Payment is accepted through PayPal, and PayPal will automatically convert your currency for you. 

Q. I took Blog Love a couple years ago. How is this course different? 

A. While we do cover some of the same topics, Blog Life is completely different. It's not just updated; it's completely re-written from scratch. We have four more years of experience now since the first course was written in 2010, and with that comes many more stories and lessons we wanted to share! This course is also about three times longer, word count wise. :)

If you took Blog Love, we do offer a special discount to you as a previous student. Just log into the old classroom and look for the coupon code at the very top of the first lesson. If you can't find it or don't remember your password, you can also email us with your old payment confirmation (support AT redvelvetart DOT com). We highly recommend this new course to past students! 

Q. When is the deadline to sign up? Is there a limit of how many students can join? I can't sign up yet, but I don't want to miss it. 

A. There is no deadline or limit, since this is an e-course and not a workshop. It will be continually available all year long. You can join at any time! Once you have joined, you will be able to access the course at any time through your account on our shop site

Q. Will this course teach me how to design my blog layout? 

A. Nope. We have a course coming out this month (in May) that covers that subject. Blog Life covers blog content and brand building. You can read the session outline here, just to be sure what you're signing up for! 

Q. Can I take this course on my PC, iPad, or tablet? 

A. Yes. You can take it on anything you want. It's just like reading a blog, except it's private inside our website. There is also a PDF file you can download inside the first lesson. After you do that, you can read it anywhere you want! 

Q. I haven't started my blog yet, but I plan to. Will this course apply to me? 

A. Yes! There is a lot of information about creating your brand from scratch that will really help you to build a strong foundation. You'll learn to avoid a lot of the newbie mistakes that we made! There will also be content about monetizing that you might not be ready to use just yet, but it's still information you'll want to be aware of now for future planning. 

Q. I've been blogging for years. Will this course apply to me?  

A. Yes! It definitely does. When we wrote the course, we knew that many of our students would be brand new bloggers, and so we were very careful to write for that demographic. With that said, we aren't new, and we share our experiences and lessons learned all the way up to the present date!

I honestly felt re-inspired on so many of these topics while writing the course. I don't think there is any level where you wouldn't still learn a ton, and feel challenged and inspired to take what you have and make it even better! 

Q. I want to be a better blogger, but I don't care about monetizing. Is this course still worth it for me?  

A. I think so. Now, to be clear, there are a lot of sessions about monetizing, and we reference it throughout the entire course. That's not to say that there isn't still a ton of information that applies to hobby bloggers, though. There is a ton of information about brand building, writing, photography, inspiration, and working through phases of burnout. And honestly, even if you don't want to monetize, I still think Trey's sessions would be interesting from a strictly informative standpoint. :) It's good to know what going on around you, even if it's not something you plan to do. 

Q. You should write a book about blogging! Are you planning to? 

A. Nope! (Thank you, though!)

Here's why. So, when you write a book, it takes six months to a year from start to finish. After that, you have to wait nearly a whole year or more for it to come out. The process of getting the book designed, copy edited, and mass produced just takes a lot longer than you would expect. For this reason we have to be aware of how our books are going to age.

The blogging industry is just changing and evolving too quickly for us to write a book. If we started writing our outline today, you wouldn't see the book on shelves for nearly two years, and by then a lot of the information would likely be outdated. 

For this reason we think an e-course is a perfect home for this content for now. We like that we can update it next year if a topic evolves. We LOVE that we're able to offer you something that's fresh and current! 

Q. Do you have any student testimonies I can read? 

A. Not yet, since the course is so new. We do, however, have some reviews that we posted from old classes on similar subjects. With that said, if anyone who is taking Blog Life has a review to share, please send me a link. I'd love to read it! 

Thanks, guys! I hope this was helpful. If you have any other questions that are not answered here, feel free to ask us in the comments, and we will respond ASAP. 

For more details, or to purchase Blog Life click hereYou can also e-mail us anytime at support AT redvelvetart DOT com :) xo. Elsie + Emma


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