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Candice Stringham's On Camera Flash workshopWe are excited to open sign-ups for Candice Stringham's new workshop, Mastering Your External Flash. Here's what Candice has to say about her new workshop: 

Do you want to be able to shoot at night and not have to lose quality by shooting at a high ISO or lose depth of field by shooting with a wide-open aperture? Do you need to shoot in situations where the light is so low you can’t get a good exposure and freeze movement? Do you ever shoot photographs in the middle of the day and wish you had a way to fill in the harsh shadows the overhead light creates (like the photo above)? Do you wish you could add extra light into your image, but still have it look natural and soft?


If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then this is the class for you! Learn how to use your external flash on-camera.
How to use an on camera flash
•Lighting patterns for portraits
•Creating directional light using bouncing techniques
•Using the flash as a main light and as a fill light
•Using flash indoors and outside
•Using flash to mimic soft, natural light
•Mixing flash with available light
•Using the flash in both TTL and manual
•Deciding which flash accessories are helpful and worth the cost
What you get:
•Five weeks of class with four video lessons and PDF downloads
•Emails five days a week
•A video created specifically to answer the questions you and your classmates submit
•A class forum where questions are answered daily by Candice and her two co-teachers Nancy and Kimber
•Access to the course materials as long as the site is up!
The workshop begins May 26, so grab your spot before then!
On Camera Flash workshop by Candice Stringham
•A DSLR camera (any brand)
•An external flash with TTL capability (check out our Flash Equipment Guide if you're unsure)
•A working knowledge of your camera in manual (Simply put, if you haven’t taken our course Mastering Your DSLR, or understand manual mode well, don’t take this course yet!)
Cost: $99 USD
*Remember that all Shop ABM workshops are a little different from e-courses and crash courses. Workshops run for set amounts of time (this one is five weeks, beginning May 26), and we only offer a set number of seats within each workshop so instructors can be available and offer feedback to each student. If you've been itching to learn more about using your external flash, don't hesitate to sign up today! xo. Candice + The ABM Team
Credits // Author and Photography: Candice Stringham


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