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Trey George and Emma ChapmanGuess what? Today is our one-year wedding anniversary. We did it! 

During our wedding season I kept hearing two bits of advice over and over again. Everyone wanted to let me know that marriage is really hard and that we would be more in love as the years went on than we were right then. 

Emma Chapman and Trey GeorgeI must admit that this year I learned they were correct. Go figure! At the time, I heard these things said so much that it started to sound almost cliché, and although I'd say I believed everyone, I also kind of didn't believe them—if you know what I mean.

Marriage is indeed hard. Just like anything worthwhile in life. This year we have seen each other's flaws and imperfections and know each other better for it. We disagree often. We fight sometimes. We are both very stubborn and dislike admitting when we are wrong. Our marriage is not at all perfect; far from it.

But I've discovered that their second statement was equally as true. I can confidently say that I am more in love with Trey today than I was one year ago when we first said, "I do." It's so true! I am so, so in love with my husband. I LOVE being married to my best friend and biggest supporter. Now that we have one year of marriage under our belts, I can very much admit that I am looking forward to the coming years together even more. Although our marriage is far from perfect, it is awesome.

Trey and EmmaToday we are going to celebrate together. We're gonna talk about our goals for the coming year together. I am so excited to consider this first year as our baseline, as we both work to improve our marriage. It truly does excite me so much to think about our potential together. I think I often write about personal, culinary, or business goals here on the blog much more than I talk about my marriage. And truthfully, that's on purpose. I am NOT an expert in that field. Not yet anyway. But we are looking forward to what the years will hold for us. I have a good feeling about us. :) xo. Emma

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman. Photography: Sarah Rhodes. You can read more about our wedding day, my DIY wedding dress and see a short video we posted about our wedding day here


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