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Give a pair of curtains the spotty treatment! Click through for tips + instructions.Hi, guys! It's Mandi. I don't know about you, but I'm so ready for the spotted trend we've been seeing pop up in fashion the past couple of years. I'm not sure if we're supposed to call it dalmatian print exactly... I think we can thank Cruella de Vil for taking away that privilege. But just painting a spotted pattern on a pair of pumps here or a small wall there is totally acceptable these days.

I thought a fun way to add a jolt of spottiness to our home would be to paint a pair of curtains with the pattern. I used an inexpensive pair of cotton sheers from World Market and a little fabric paint, and voilà! Spotty fun for all.

Give a pair of curtains the spotty treatment! Click through for tips + instructions.Supplies:
-cotton curtains (mine are from here)
-fabric paint
-paint brush
-cup + water
-drop cloth (I ended up using plastic wrap)

Give a pair of curtains the spotty treatment! Click through for tips + instructions.Step One: Slightly dilute the fabric paint with a bit of water. It should be thick enough to not easily drip off the paint brush. If it is too thin, it will bleed into the fabric. A little bleeding is good—it gives the look of spots on fur.

Step Two: Work your way across and down the curtain, making irregular spots in various sizes. Don't make the spots too large, or they'll look like cow print. Totally not en vogue. Paint some spots closer together and some farther apart. Irregularity is key. Do not move the fabric while any of the paint is wet, or you'll end up with smeared fabric, and that would be a tragedy.

Important Tips: My first word of caution is to not work in a room with carpet or textiles nearby. You're working with black fabric paint after all! Also, I know I showed paper as a supply, but I quickly found that paper was not a good backdrop material. The paint dried onto it, and when I tried to peel off the curtain, the paper stuck to the fabric. I ended up wrapping my tabletop in saran wrap, and that worked nicely.

Give a pair of curtains the spotty treatment! Click through for tips + instructions.IMG_2589These curtains are going to go in little Lucy's next bedroom—Yes, we're already planning her big girl room! I think I'll stack them inside a pair of heavy weight curtains in a pretty color, like coral. The spotted pattern will look more subtle alongside some substantial curtains, I think. Though they look lovely on their own too! -Mandi

Credits // Author and Photography: Mandi Johnson. Photos edited with Valentine of the Signature Collection.


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