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Before + After edited with A Color Story Happy weekend, you guys! I'll save my chit-chat for the end and just cut to the chase. I'm here to share my go-to A Color Story filters with you! 

If you haven't downloaded A Color Story yet, it's available for free now in the app store! I am SO excited to share more about it. In fact, we decided that we're going to share tips and tutorials for A Color Story here every Saturday this season (and yes, we're taking requests in the comments!). 

OK, so here are a few quick snapshots that I took around the house yesterday. Forgive their randomness, I just wanted some new photos to show off the filters with! 

Edited with Essentials-Pop #AColorStory AppEssentials is the free pack that comes with the app. By the way, you also get 20+ tools, sample effects and the ability to create and save your own custom filters for free. There are also a bunch of fun packs you can purchase as well as a discount if you purchase everything. 

We handpicked a bunch of really great filters for Essentials so you could get a good idea of the quality of the rest of our filters before you purchase anything. It's also cool with us if you never purchase anything. We made sure it would be a fun and useful app for free! 

Anyway—I have a couple of favorite filters in Essentials. Everyday is my go-to. It's my ideal edit for 90% of my photos... bright and sunny and a little warm. I also love Pop, which is what I used for this photo. Lite Bright is fun. Ice Ice and On Lock are great for a less warm photo. Lipstick is a VERY unique filter because it makes reds redder (and yes, it actually makes it look like you're wearing lipstick!). 

Before-afterHere's a before and after so you can see what I was working with. This is edited with Pop. One of the things I love about a lot of our filters is that they brighten for you. It's like it wipes away a layer of gray and reveals more color. Love that! I typically don't use any tools (like brightness or contrast) until after I add a filter because a lot of times I don't need them! 

Edited with Vintage-Prime Time #AColorStory AppThis was edited with Prime Time from the Vintage pack. Filters in the Vintage pack are inspired by iconic vintage photography... think everything from the Kennedy's to Twiggy and Brigitte Bardot. 

My favorite part are the filters called Summer Of 69, Summer Of 79, Summer Of 89 and Summer Of 99. My favorite is Summer Of 99 because it's VERY unpredictable in how it manipulates color and very cool for reds and pinks. 

Edited with Organic-Gentle #AColorStory AppThis is edited with Gentle from the Organic pack. I love this filter because it is soft and bright, a bit warm and very natural. 

Edited with Fresh-Fresh Air #AColorStory AppThis is edited with Fresh Air from the Fresh pack. This is one of my favorite filters for brightening, color pop and whiter whites... all in one click! 

The opening image (with the yellow dress) is also edited with Fresh Air. 

Edited with Deep-Peony #AColorStory AppThis is edited with Peony from Deep. Deep is a pack that's intended for sunset photos, pretty skies and landscape-type moments. It's not typically what I would use to edit interior photos, but it still looks pretty cool. If you want inspiration for images that would look awesome with the Deep pack, check out Arielle Vey's feed

Edited with Chroma and Blush-Punch #AColorStory AppThis is edited with Chroma from the Chroma pack. Chroma has my favorite filters for making colors pop! Especially if you have a colorful background. 

Edited with Boho-Lazy Sunday and Essentials-Ice Ice #AColorStory AppThis is edited with Lazy Sunday from the Boho pack. I tend to think of Boho as a less intense little sister to Deep. 

Also, Suki's face! :) 

Edited with Blush-Punch #AColorStory AppThis is edited with Punch from the Blush pack. Blush is a pretty, romantic pack. It's a little more soft and subtle and was always a crowd favorite in all of our testing rounds. We called it Blush because a lot of the filters have a very slight warm or "blush" tone to them. 

Edited with Black+White-Laura #AColorStory AppThis is edited with Laura from the Black & White pack. B&W hasn't been featured as much, so far. Maybe I should do a whole post on them soon because they are VERY GOOD filters. They are just bright enough to have those pretty milky tones I LOVE in black and white photos. Oh, and they're named after Twin Peaks just for fun! 

Alright! Chit-chat time! Emma, Trey, Jacki and Doren are coming to visit for the weekend. We are going to celebrate Emma's 30th birthday one night and then celebrate the launch of A Color Story the next night! Woo hoo! SO so so excited to see them. 

Request time—Please let us know what type of A Color Story tutorials you'd like to see here on the blog! xx- Elsie 

Credits//Author and Photography: Elsie Larson. Photos edited with A Color Story app. 


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