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DIY Copper Ladder - Click for tutorial!Winter means time to cuddle up on the couch with your favorite show and your coziest blanket! We love soft, cuddly throw blankets in our homes, but we pretty much hate when they end up on the floor or messily tossed on the couch. This DIY copper ladder is literally the cutest way to hang up your cozy blankets this season, and better yet, it's under $100, super easy to make and super cute! 

DIY Copper Ladder - Click for tutorial!
-(6) 20" pieces of 3/4" copper pipe
-(14) 8" pieces of 3/4" copper pipe
-(12) 3/4" copper pressure tees
-(4) 3/4" copper tube caps

DIY Copper Ladder - Click for tutorial!  First, connect your copper tees to the 20" pieces of copper. These will act as the "steps" of your ladder. You can reinforce with super glue or epoxy if your joints aren't nice and tight. No one wants their ladder falling apart. Most of our joints were super tight, so this wasn't necessary on all joints. 

DIY Copper Ladder - Click for tutorial!    Insert your 8" pieces and connect them all together to make your ladder shape. You will use seven 8" pieces on each side of the ladder. 

DIY Copper Ladder - Click for tutorial!      DIY Copper Ladder - Click for tutorial!       Finally, attach your caps to the ends of your ladder's legs. Reinforce with super glue or epoxy. Tip—we tried hot glue, but since it is a flexible glue, it didn't hold as well. So we suggest super glue. 

DIY Copper Ladder - Click for tutorial!     Once everything is nice and tight, stand it up against the wall and hang your favorite blankets! If you'd like, you could even secure it to the wall with hooks. It's very sturdy, but if you're afraid your kids or pets (or you! ha!) will knock it over, feel free to hook it to the wall. 

DIY Copper Ladder - Click for tutorial!         Overall, we absolutely love how it turned out! Next to the fireplace is the perfect place to cuddle up with a blanket and a book when it's cold outside. Copper is such a fun material to work with and the possibilities of building with it are truly endless. By the way, do you guys have any good book recommendations? I need some suggestions! -Mallory & Savannah
Credits // Author and Photography: Mallory Nikolaus and Savannah Kokaliares. Photos edited with Celeste from The Fresh Collection.


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