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Utah is prettyAround this time last year I wrote a post about five places I'd like to visit in 2015. I only ended up making it to two of the places on my list (although we already have our plane tickets for a trip to a third place on the list—but it's not until February). So I did a pretty medium job on actually getting that list "done". BUT! I traveled so much more last year than I ever have in one year before, and I seriously loved every minute of it! I think there's something about saying your goals out loud, or in this case, writing them down and publishing them to the Internet, that just makes it all the more intentional. I ended up getting opportunities to go other places that weren't on my list, and that was great too. 

So, I guess my point is, I think that list was a super positive thing for me. And for that reason, I'm back this year with a new list for you. :) 

1. Salt Lake and/or Moab, Utah.

I've been to Salt Lake a couple of times, once to speak at a conference and once when Elsie took me for a college graduation trip. But one thing I've never done in that area is hiked around to see some of the beautiful landscape! When traveling for fun, one of my very favorite things to do is hike and take photos. I love photography, but I mostly take photos of food and craft projects for ABM-related things, which I totally love, but it's fun to do something different when on vacation. And Utah looks SO beautiful, so I'd love to get that chance this year. 

Yellowstone national park2. Yellowstone National Park, or somewhere pretty in Montana/Wyoming. 

I've never been to Yellowstone and it looks WAY cool! Parts of it sort of remind me of Iceland in a way. So I would love the chance to wander around this area of the country and see what there is to see (and take about one million photos). :)

Eureka and crystal bridges3. Eureka Springs / Crystal Bridges / Arkansas in general.

If you can't tell from my list so far, one thing Trey and I talked about with regard to my travel lust for the year is that we are going to try and focus on seeing more of the USA. We already have an international trip booked for February (yay for Chile!), and it's just more economical to travel within the USA. And with there being so many great places to see that I've never been, this is a pretty easy "limitation" to keep in mind. Of course we want to see the whole wide world eventually! But this year we're going to try to focus on seeing more of our own beautiful country. 

Anyway, this is a great example because we live only hours away (driving) from some truly beautiful places in Arkansas. So I'd like to make it a point to visit Eureka Springs (they have treehouse cabins!) and also see one of the top ranking art museums in the USA, Crystal Bridges. It's so close to us and I still haven't been yet! Talk about not taking advantage of your area.

Antelope canyon  4. Antelope Canyon, AZ.

I first saw some photos from Antelope Canyon on Kinsey's IG and I was hooked! This looks like such a unique and beautiful area, I'd love to see it in person. I only wish it was closer to Phoenix so I could go see some friends at the same time. :) 

Big sur califlornia5. Big Sur, CA (or maybe Los Angeles...we'll see). 

I love California. I lived in Los Angeles for a few years just after college, but I was too busy trying to make enough money for rent at the time to really get to take advantage of how beautiful this state really is. I've never been to Big Sur, but every photo I see of that area has me doing a double take. Plus I just LOVE the Pacific Ocean; it was the first ocean I ever saw when I was around ten or eleven years old (my family went on a Disneyland trip and we went to the beach while in Los Angeles), and I still love it just as much today. 

What about you? Are you guys planning to see more of this wide beautiful world or ours this year? Any recommendations about any of these areas? I'm all ears. :) xo. Emma

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman. Photos were all found online. I'm going to try and link all the original sources, but some were hard to find. So if you see one that has been linked incorrectly, please let me know so I can update it. Thanks! Utah: right / left. Yellowstone: right / left. Arkansas: right / left. Antelope Canyon: right / left. Big Sur: right / left


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