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Fellah Hotel  Hey, friends! Since Em shared her travel wish list last week, I thought it would be fun to share my own. Our lists are preeetty different...haha! But I think they both look like a lot of fun.

My list is focused on one of my current obsessions—hotels! I guess it's probably influenced by my own stage in life, but this past year I've been obsessed with design in hotels, restaurants and homes. Any space where the owner goes ALL OUT to create something really unique is fascinating to me...especially in a world where so many hotels, restaurants and homes look the same. 

So in my travels this coming year (and really probably the next few years), I want to take more time to research, learn about and visit special places with strong design perspectives. 

Here are five places that I would LOVE to travel to this year! 

The Surf LodgeThe Surf LodgeThe Surf LodgeThe Surf LodgeThe Surf Lodge    1. The Surf Lodge/Montauk, New York 

I know I've mentioned this hotel a few (thousand) times before, but it's still at the TOP of my list. Not only is it decorated in my PRIME color scheme and the inspiration behind our color washed living room floor, but it's also in Montauk, a place we've been wanting to visit since Eternal Sunshine days. Then, this past year, J and I became obsessed with the television show, The Affair (best drama on TV right now in our humble opinions....), and it is set in Montauk as well.

Meet me in Montauk. 

We're SO in! 

The Beverly Hills HotelThe Beverly Hills Hotel2. The Beverly Hills Hotel/Beverly Hills, California 

I's a pink hotel, covered in palm leaf wallpaper. OF COURSE I have to go there. Even if it's just for a brunch or a has to happen. 


(heart eyes emoji, palm trees emoji...on repeat) 


What the what? 

This hotel looks incredible. It was tough finding high res photos to share here, but check out this site or search it on Pinterest for more views. 

It's a 1950s dream hotel! 

Fellah Hotel Fellah Hotel Fellah Hotel Hotel-fellah-06 4. Fellah Hotel/Marrakech, Morocco (photos via Poppy Talk

Whoa. The design here is bananas. Anyone want to go to Morocco with me? We can go rug shopping, eat and then rug shop some more. :)) This hotel is a stunning mix of Moroccan mid-century influences. So much mind is blown!  

Last, but not least! If I had ONE overseas trip for my wish list, it would ABSOLUTELY have to be.... 

Santorini Greece5. Santorini, Greece (photo via Studio DIY

This past year I felt like someone I was following on Instagram was there EVERY WEEK. It was insane. And every photo made me want to visit more and more! So, I'm not sure if it will happen in 2016 (since we already have our big overseas trip to Chile booked for February), BUT I hope to have the chance to visit soon.

Santorini looks like such a colorful AND relaxing place to be (the two most important travel descriptives in my book!). The relaxing factor is the reason why Tokyo and Paris never make it up to the top of my list (even though we know we NEED to go there sooner or later). On vacations with Jeremy, we don't like to have a heavy to-do list or a lot of pressure to see sights. We mostly want to eat and swim and wander around. Do you know of any other places that fit that description? 

Sigh...well, what do you think? Have you been to any of these places? If you have, PLEASE share a detailed review with me. I'd love to hear! xx. Elsie 

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