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The Ultimate Mid Century Style Sofa Guide!You probably already know that I'm a huge vintage lover and collector. It's both a hobby to me and an element of my personal style. 

There are really only a few categories where I prefer to buy new "replica" pieces rather than true vintage. Shoes, for sure. Appliances, for practical reasons. And sofas, for two reasons— 

  1. Cost. Reupholstery is expensive. So unless you find a vintage piece that doesn't need it, that should be factored in. It can more than double the price tag, and may even push the price of your bargain piece into the same range as brand new sofas.
  2. Options. I like to compare my options back to back before making a large purchase. It's so easy to do with sofas. And I like that new sofas can be customized. You typically get to choose the fabric color and the wood or metal color. Plus there are a lot of companies (like Joybird) who will even customize the size to fit your space. I love having choices! 

Today I thought it would be fun to share a guide to some of my personal favorite sofas that are available online! I broke them down into a variety of budgets, and I will note the companies that I have tested or owned as I go through each section. 

Also, please note—I went by retail prices, but many/most of these sites have frequent sales. So definitely watch for those. You can get many of these at substantial discounts just by checking the websites, social media or signing up for newsletters. I'm not an extreme sale shopper, but for purchases like this where you can save hundreds of dollars, I recommend looking into it. ;) 

The Ultimate Mid Century Style Sofa Guide! (click through for links)
$850 and under: 1 (similar)/2/3 (similar)/4/5 (similar)/6/7/8/9/10

These options are super affordable! Out of these options we've only owned number seven, which Jeremy had in a previous studio, and Emma and Trey have at their home. I don't recommend Urban Outfitters sofas for amazing comfort, but they are very cute with a pretty unbeatable price tag. 

Visually, I'm probably most attracted to number six. That blush pink color is SO gorgeous. 

The Ultimate Mid Century Style Sofa Guide! (click through for links)
$850-$1300: 1 (similar)/2 (similar)/3 (similar)/4/5 (similar)/6(similar)/7 (similar)/8/9 (similar)/10/11/12/13

Wow—a lot of really pretty options here. The variety of colors is pretty amazing. I feel like you can find a cute sofa in pretty much any color these days. 

Emma owned a Macy's sofa similar to this one in the past, and it was a great sofa for the price. 

The Ultimate Mid Century Style Sofa Guide! (click through for links)
$1,300-$2,000: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10

As you go up a bit in the price range, more options for sectionals begin to open up. They're definitely more of an investment, but we love our sectional for both normal nights at home and entertaining. There are rooms that really need sectionals because they can't fit a sofa AND a love seat, but just a sofa would seem much too small. This happened in our last home, and the sectional we bought there works awesome in our new living room as well. 

The Joybird Braxton sofa is what we just got for Jeremy's studio. We got it in that color as well (it's number one), and I really like it. It's more tailored looking than a lot of mid century sofas, which I think makes it feel a bit nicer. It's really comfortable and bigger than it looks (my feet definitely do not touch the ground—haha!). 

-After much thought (probably too much thought? haha!), I just ordered number nine, The Sven Charme Tan Sofa, for our living room (the one with the turquoise floor!). My friend Katie just got the exact same one in black for her home. So I got to try it in person (which helps SO much with these big decisions). I stalked their Instagram like crazy to figure out the true color of the sofa (it's a bit more tan and less orange in all the "real life" photos). I'll post some photos on Instagram when it arrives... I'm really excited to see how the tan leather works with our turquoise floor

I really love the look of the wood details on number six and seven! 

The Ultimate Mid Century Style Sofa Guide! (click through for links)
$2,000-$3,500: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8 (PS. Number 1 is a sleeper sofa!)

On this budget, it's easy to find a nice, big sectional that's great for family life and snuggles! Leather is also an option. I know it's not for everyone, but it does definitely come with some functional perks for those with small children and pets. It's so easy to wipe clean. 

Personal experiences: 

-Number six, the Jane Loft Bi-Sectional from Gus Modern is what I have (and LOVE) in our den. It's big, the shape ages really well and the fabric is a good fit for our two dogs. This was our first sectional and I'm definitely a believer now. I will probably keep buying sectionals in the future for comfy movie night reasons. It's really comfortable. 

-Laura owns number one. She's almost done with that room, so you'll be seeing it in a tour soon. On top of being cute, it's a super functional choice for her because the sleeper sofa gives her an extra impromptu guest room option. She has a lot of out of state family, so more guest space is always a plus! 

As far as personal endorsements go, I have owned and LOVED sofas from Gus Modern, Joybird (I love that they have free swatch kits!), Thrive Furniture and now Article (they offer free swatch kits as well!). These are all both beautiful and comfortable options and really high quality. We have also owned two sofas from Urban Outfitters. They are really cute and have great prices, but they can be very firm. That's not to say they're not good options, but it's something to consider and ultimately what really matters is what you need for your budget and lifestyle! 

If you've owned a sofa from any of these places (or have other recommendations), we'd love to hear them. Sofas are a BIG commitment and a scary thing to buy online. So your comments and notes could really help another reader with their choice. :)

xx- Elsie  


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