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How to paint brick and stone (click through for tutorial)              This past week I was talking on Snapchat and Instagram about how I couldn't decide what color to repaint this trim in our sunroom. Mandi started texting me photoshopped versions of the room, and I have to say, it was REALLY helpful! 

I pride myself in having a "good imagination". I am typically pretty good at visualizing how colors will look, but this takes it to a whole new level! 

TrimIt's just a quick recolor and you can't truly see how the new color would affect the color temperature in the space, but it's still SO helpful to get a visual example that's pretty close to how it would look! 

On looking at these, I immediately knew the green and yellow were out (although another sunnier shade of yellow could still work) and that I'd rather see black than dark gray here. 

The coral pink color felt surprisingly right to me, even though I'm not sure I'm ready to pull that plug. 

Anyway—even though I still haven't committed, I feel SO much closer to making that decision and really feel like these renderings helped me dodge a bullet on a few options! 

Kitchen jasperKitchen jasperKitchen jasperKitchen jasperNext, Mandi made me a few examples of colors I am considering for our appliances too. I'll wait to share which one I loved most (don't wanna ruin the big reveal!), but when I saw these examples, I immediately knew which color was right for our space. 

Wow! I mean...this is a total game changer! 

From now on each time I have a major paint color decision, I'm going to use Photoshop before I even buy paint samples! Especially those really important/expensive choices like exterior paint colors. 

If you're a Photoshop pro, you already know how to do this. If you're curious about learning Photoshop, we have a super in depth e-Course where you can learn this and so much more. And, who knows, maybe if enough of you are interested, Mandi wouldn't mind teaching you to do quick paint recoloring jobs in Photoshop here on the blog? (Leave us a comment if you'd like to see that tutorial!) 

Alrighty, I just had to share these because they were so incredibly helpful to me! xx. Elsie 

Credits//Author and Photography: Elsie Larson. Photoshop: Mandi Johnson. 


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