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Dining Room Wallpaper via A Beautiful MessI am soooo excited to share today's progress report! Especially since the last time you saw this room it looked like this!


BeforeAnd..... PROGRESS: 

Dining Room Wallpaper via A Beautiful Mess      Well, well, well... How the turn tables have turned. 

Dining Room Wallpaper via A Beautiful Mess We knew all along that we wanted to do a wallpaper in the dining room. I debated long and hard between a more neutral, subtle design (easier to change up, dress for holidays, parties etc.) or a more committed, intense design (the kind that makes people come over for brunch JUST to take an Instagram photo by your wallpaper... but it's scary because "what if I get tired of it?"). 

Can you guess which route we went with? 

Dining Room Wallpaper via A Beautiful Mess  ALL in

Our wallpaper is from Spoonflower. They sell fully removable, custom-printed wallpaper. The peel and stick kind is more like a sticker and has a bit of a canvas texture. This is the water activated kind. It looks and feels like traditional wallpaper. 

A lot of people have asked me how I "talked" Jeremy into such bold wallpaper. What's funny is that he actually chose this wallpaper himself! I had narrowed it down to about five or six choices, and when I showed him, he hated them ALL except for this one.

I was, of course, thrilled!

The design we chose is Redoute Rose-Hot Pink by Peacoquette Designs. I liked it because it reminded me of one of the wallpapers I saw in photos of The Greenbrier Hotel, and Dorothy Draper is definitely one of my inspirations for this house (although this is BY FAR the most gutsy room in our house, the rest are mostly just white). 

Dining Room Wallpaper via A Beautiful Mess   I'm really looking forward to decorating this room next because it really doesn't need much. Just some neutral texture and functional details. I'm thinking a big mirror above that small cart and maybe a big neutral tapestry above the wine cabinet? I think I'm going to need to live with it empty-ish like this for a couple weeks before I'll be able to tell what else the room needs. Although, if it's glaringly obvious to YOU, then I want to hear what you think. :)

Dining Room Wallpaper via A Beautiful Mess    This light MAKES the space. I cannot express in words how much I love this thing. 

I got it from Shop Candelabra and it's huge! It really balances the space above our big dining room table (our table is DIY if you were curious). And it has a dimmer switch, so it looks really pretty at night too. 

I feel like the wallpaper and fixture vibe VERY well together. And even though they're both new, I like that it's not completely unbelievable that they're from the 1970s, when the house was built. 

That reminds me! If you haven't read my articles—Brass Light Fixtures For Every Budget or 10 Awesome DIY Brass Light Fixtures, hop on over there! I get real SERIOUS about brass. 

Dining Room Wallpaper via A Beautiful Mess     The rug was a big choice. Here's what went into our selection—

-I had to factor in size, it had to be HUGE because of how the herringbone wood runs. You can see it here if you're curious. If we had gotten an 8x10 rug it would have been large enough for the table and room, but because of the way the wood floors are laid, it would have looked really awkward. So we had to size up to 9x12 to make sure it was long enough. 

-I looked at dark rugs, and no matter how much I tried to be "practical", I just did not want a dark rug for this space. And a colorful rug was out the question because it would be right next to the turquoise floor (this was before I had picked the wallpaper, it would have been weird with that too). So I really fell in love with this simple Marrakesh Shag Rug. Like, IN LOVE. 

-In regards to care, I'm sure you're like, "Are you crazy???" And that's a valid question. It's a white rug underneath a dining room table; I get your concern. :) So, first of all, I've had flokati rugs in high traffic areas before. I know how easily they get dirty and I know how to clean them. (I once "trimmed" red nail polish out of one... Haha.) And since they are made of natural fibers (wool), I actually think they are much easier to clean than flat weave rugs... and more forgiving with how they age. ALSO, we decided that when/if we get to bring home a baby, that we're going to put the high chair in the breakfast nook. It's more practical in there anyway since it's close to the kitchen. So basically this is more of a "formal dining room" (although I hate to call it that!). So far we've found ourselves eating in the breakfast nook and using the dining room more when we have guests over (which, to be fair, has been almost every other week). OK, I think I thoroughly over-explained that. Moving on. 

I love this rug. It's so so pretty and comfy.  

Dining Room Wallpaper via A Beautiful Mess       Here's a quick look at the view into the turquoise room (our sofas for that room are on the way, so I'll be sharing more progress there soon!).

This wallpaper was definitely a game changer. I feel like it demands a HUGE amount of attention and suddenly a lot of other rooms I was worried were "too boring" feel totally fine now. I like that. It's like we have our statement piece taken care of, and now I can go a little more mellow in some of the surrounding living spaces. The thought of that feels perfectly refreshing to me! 

On a personal note—I have to say, I'm LOVING sharing a lot of progress reports and unfinished details of our home with you. In the past I always waited until it was completely done to share, and as a result, there were more than a few rooms in my last house that I NEVER shared. It feels really good to be sharing all the baby steps this time. So far, I feel like it's motivating me more and I definitely feel more connected with you guys by sharing all the in-between stages. xx- Elsie 

ps. EVERYONE is invited over for brunch in our new crazy dining room!!! 

Credits//Author and Photography: Elsie Larson. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.


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