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Record player shopping guideThere's something so vibey about listening to a favorite record on vinyl. I've been working on my vinyl collection for quite a few years now, and I recently started thinking about upgrading my turntable. 

I've been researching different options, both for quality and for BEAUTY. Today I've rounded up ten adorable record players! 

01. Obsessed with that floral pattern. 
02. I love the color of this one. It comes in white and gold too. So chic! 
03. I'm so into light wood this year. Fresh! 
04. Love the white with gold hardware. 
05. Blush pink? Yes, please. 
06. Another light wood beauty. Classic! 
07. A cute vintage style. 
08. OK, this banana leaf pattern is killing it. SO good! 
09. Fresh white is always a winner. 
10. A cute + budget friendly option.

I've heard a lot of people diss the quality of Crosley record players. Every single time I post a photo of my record player, someone tells me it's going to "ruin all my records". I have to say, though, after about eight years of owning ours, that hasn't been my experience at all. In fact, the only reason I'm in the market for a new one is because I want one that vibes more with my decor, and the one we have now would look great in Jeremy's studio. So even though I am planning to try a new brand this time, I can't say that Crosley is a bad brand... I've had nothing but good experiences with mine.  

If you have a record player that you would recommend, please share it with us here in the comments! I'm so curious to hear your opinions as I haven't made my final decision yet. Happy shopping! 

xoxo. Elsie 


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