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How to create a mood board with your partnerYou guys made me laugh REAL HARD last week. So, I was taking questions for a Q&A on Snapchat and, like, every other question was some version of, "How do you get Jeremy to be cool with all your decor choices?" We died laughing because it's not always easy, and he definitely doesn't always agree. 

But after giving it some thought, I realized that I actually had ONE really helpful tip that was a game changer for us. 

Make a mood board together. 

So, before we moved into our current home, we picked a color scheme together as well as some general inspirations for our new space. It was such a simple process. I spent a couple hours putting it all together, asking him a million questions along the way. We talked about all the different elements that would come into play (wood finishes, metals, colors, mixing different styles), and we decided on a theme that we both really love. 

Our color storyThat was close to a year ago! And as crazy at it sounds, that simple exercise has really helped us make the one million little choices that have come along since then. Now that we know what style and colors we are sticking to, we don't have to have long debates about style and colors! Haha! 

Big picture, I really believe this mood board is the number one reason our current home is coming out more cohesive, more functional and more cozy than our last home. It's just been SO MUCH easier to resist random cute pillows at Target (that don't match my colors) and trips to the flea market where I want to find a treasure (oops – more junk for my basement closet! Haha). With this space, we've been laser focused and although I've made a few mistakes, overall I feel it's coming together fast and feeling exactly like the vision we set out to create.

Alright! There's my elevator pitch! Now, who wants to make a mood board?

Here are 5 things to consider when making your own mood board. You can make a Pinterest board, a real-life bulletin board or a folder on your laptop. Whatever you do, I recommend keeping photos on your iPhone in a special folder that you can refer to when you're out shopping! 

       1. What's your color scheme? 

This is by far the most important choice. And while I don't think your entire home has to color-coordinate, I highly recommend it! I love that our house has a color scheme because I can swap furniture from room to room effortlessly, which is really fun for curing those winter blues and making a space feel different without spending money. It also makes it much easier to shop and your rooms will come together much more easily when you commit to a color story.

I recommend choosing 1-3 colors that will be your main colors. You can pick a few fun accent colors as well.

For more info, read my article about choosing a color story for your home!  

       2. Describe your style in three words. 

Yes, really. I know how cheesy this can feel, but I promise it's worth it! 

Choose three words that describe your style. The first one should be the style of furniture you like (think– Mid-Century, Reclaimed, Scandinavian) the next could be a word that describes the mood you want to feel when you walk into the space (think– fun, cozy, relaxing) and the last word can be something that really describes the two of you as a couple or makes your style unique! 

       3. Choose one or two wood finishes. 

Choosing wood finishes is a big deal. I would recommend picking two for your floors and most of your furniture. In our house we have mainly very light wood and painted white wood. There are definitely a couple exceptions, which is not a big deal. The purpose of choosing a wood finish is so if you collect pieces over time, they have something that ties them together. Even if they're not all from the same store/collection, they can coordinate and look more polished if they have the same finish. 

A lot depends on the color of your floors. So once you know what color they are (or pick one out), search for rooms on Pinterest that have similar floors and see what furnishings look best to you.

       4. Choose one or two metal finishes. 

There is no sin in mixing metals! I really don't think every piece in your home needs to match. But having one main finish that you use most of the time helps tie everything together. 

       5. Choose your wow-factor pieces. 

Each room should have a couple pieces that steal the show. It can be an amazing, oversized art print, a cool sculpture, a fun colored sofa or (in my case) a crazy eight foot cactus. Really anything that you LOVE that excites you can be the centerpiece of a room. 

Once you've chosen your wow-factor pieces, you can take a little pressure off all the other choices because, in order to let the crazy pieces shine, it's good to make some other low-key choices. For example, in our living room, since there's a giant cactus and a turquoise floor, the wow-factors are obviously already there. When I pick out the rest of the pieces, I'll be focusing on comfortable, cozy, neutral choices. 

This makes the whole process SO much easier. 

Choosing decor together Whew! I hope these notes are helpful to you. They really helped us. Please let me know if you do this process with your husband, wife, boyfriend or roommate... I am SO curious to hear all about your process and experiences! xx- Elsie 


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