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Progress Report- Elsie's ClosetHey, guys!!! I'm really excited to share my newest progress report with you... my closet! It's finally starting to feel really good. It's both functional and inspiring.

But first, a walk down ole memory lane– 

6a00d8358081ff69e201bb08962da0970d-piThis is the "dressing room" inside of our master bathroom space. When we first viewed the house, it was carpeted and the walls were a little bit different. We expanded the wall you see to the right just a bit to provide room for a larger bath tub. The thing I loved most about this space, originally, was the pretty door molding. 

Here's how it looks today– 

 Progress Report- Elsie's Closet We replaced the chandeliers with this fun star flush mount (painted gold, of course!). I really debated about keeping the chandeliers. I liked them, but ultimately I decided to stay committed to my mood board to maintain a unified vibe throughout the rooms. 

The acrylic frame is a DIY you can see here

Progress Report- Elsie's Closet   We updated the hardware on the closet doors with these hex knobs

Progress Report- Elsie's Closet  And we pulled the carpet up and had the floors refinished in a light white wash color. 

Progress Report- Elsie's Closet    For the mirror at the end of the L-shaped closet, we replaced the folding doors with a standard door so that I could have a standing mirror. I hated to lose that pretty molding, but it was definitely the most practical place to have this mirror. So I'm glad we did it! 

Progress Report- Elsie's Closet     This wall was made more useful with a little DIY magic. I'm really glad we did that. It's been helpful! 

Progress Report- Elsie's Closet      This little dresser area is AMAZING. I love having a place for everything, and I am mildly obsessed with re-styling it every couple weeks. I find that the more visible things are, the more I wear them. So pretty storage like this really works for me! 

Progress Report- Elsie's Closet       I found this dish on Etsy a few weeks ago. I've been on a kick collecting blush pink ceramics for all over the house. 

Progress Report- Elsie's Closet         And this brass cactus is an eBay find. The perfect place to store all my gold bracelets. 

Progress Report- Elsie's Closet           I found this ring dish from Suite One Studio. It's a nice place to keep earrings together. 

Progress Report- Elsie's Closet            Progress Report- Elsie's Closet             This tray was a housewarming gift from a good friend. I'm swapping out sunnies on it each week. The rest are in this top drawer– 

Progress Report- Elsie's Closet Makeover   Argh! I love organizing things. 

Progress Report- Elsie's Closet              Pretty details that make me smile every day. 

Progress Report- Elsie's Closet MakeoverAnd I finally found the perfect spot to store my flair collection, this pretty millet basket. 

Progress Report- Elsie's Closet Makeover Progress Report- Elsie's Closet Makeover I'm using these Lewis Dolin pulls again in this room (same as our DIY dresser). 

Progress Report- Elsie's Closet Makeover      Here's a quick peek into my closet.

Progress Report- Elsie's Closet Makeover        Thanks for taking a peek at my progress!! It's definitely still a "one day at a time" thing, but this past month, I've been feeling really encouraged by the progress we've made in just eight months (or a year, depending on when you start counting). Either way!

If you're currently renovating, don't let yourself get discouraged when looking at other people's already-finished rooms. This stuff takes TIME. You're doing great!!! xx- Elsie 

Credits//Author and Photography: Elsie Larson. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.


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