Author: Laura Gummerman,

Exciting news!Hi, everyone! Since we are always sharing glimpses into my life and home here at ABM, I wanted to also let you in on an exciting new development—my eggo is preggo, i.e. I’m pregnant!!! I’m actually in my 13th week now, and our Gummerbaby is due in early May. So it’s possible we will have a full house of May birthdays (both Todd and I have birthdays in May as well). The biggest question that pregnant gals get is, “How are you feeling?”, and while it’s been a much tougher process than I ever imagined so far (helloooo extreme nausea!!), I'm overall feeling grateful and excited. Second biggest question might be, "Do you have any food cravings?", and while my list of food aversions is waaaay longer than any cravings list, my top guilty pleasure is a soft pretzel with nacho cheese for dipping—YUM!! Although to be totally fair, I've been talking about fulfilling that food wish for a few weeks before I got pregnant, so that may just be a general craving that tastes extra good at the moment!

I’m definitely one of those people that falls into the “knows absolutely nothing about babies” category, so this will be a big learning experience, but thankfully May is still quite a ways off. We still have time to learn and prepare as much as we can for all that next year will bring. Oh, and if you have any thoughts on how to best introduce cats to a new baby, let me know!! Thanks for being excited with us!! xo. Laura


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