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5 Tips For Conquering Closet OrganizationToday I'm here to share a project that has been in the works for quite some time... my ever evolving closet! Now, my closet is not a tiny closet, but it's also not a gigantic closet like The Real Housewives probably have, so I have to keep on top of things or it gets CRAZY fast. I want to make the most of my space, but spending my weekend organizing is almost never on the top of my priority list. So I was really excited when I got this post because it motivated me to tackle a project I have been putting off. 

Woo! Let's get started! 

Label ALL the things!  Today we're partnering with DYMO to bring you Five Tips for Conquering Closet Organization. I'll share more about their product in one of my tips below. (Spoiler–it's awesome!) 

1. Do a Massive Purge. 

For someone who loves shopping, collecting and generally subscribes to a #moreismore attitude, I VERY MUCH enjoy a good purging session. It's so satisfying! 

Before you spend a bunch of time organizing your things, make sure you aren't holding onto ANYTHING you don't love. Closet purges are my favorite. Every season or two I like to try on all my clothes and toss anything that doesn't fit, doesn't flatter or doesn't make me at least feel cute into a big pile. Sometimes I'll sell the good stuff in a closet sale, sometimes I'll let friends rummage through it (they LOVE it), and sometimes I'll just fill a couple bags for Goodwill. Bye!

Letting go of what you don't love allows you to focus more on the things you do. You'll reach for the right stuff more in your less cluttered closet! 

5 Tips For Conquering Closet Organization       PS—when you're done purging your closet, move on to makeup! I tend to have such a breezier makeup routine just after I have decluttered. 

2. Implement Open Storage Solutions.

I am definitely an open storage enthusiast. If I hide things away, like jewelry, shoes or scarves, I'll forget I own them and stop wearing them. So as much as possible, I try to keep the things I want to be wearing daily in my eyesight! 

Here are couple solutions from my closet that help me keep my things where I can SEE them! 

5 Tips For Conquering Closet Organization      5 Tips For Conquering Closet Organization      5 Tips For Conquering Closet Organization      3. Store Collections Together.

Maybe this is common sense to you, but for whatever reason, I have always struggled with keeping to this! 

Try storing all your scarves together, all your flare pins together, all your heels together. This makes seeing the options at hand 1000x quicker and easier! 

5 Tips For Conquering Closet Organization     4. Label ALL the Things. 

Label ALL the things!    If it can be labeled, label it! 

There are tons of creative ways to label things! Try labeling clear containers with paint pens or labeling drawers with hand painted lettering or using instant photos as labels. The ideas are endless. 

And for those of you who want something quick, easy and handwriting free—a label maker is an obvious choice! 

Label ALL the things!Label ALL the things! So, want to hear a few things I love about the DYMO MobileLabeler? First of all, it's digital. I have a soft spot for old school label makers (they're so CUTE), but they're very slow to use. This is super quick to use! With this label maker, you can also change the fonts inside the app before you print, you can change the size of the letters, you can even use EMOJIS! 

Get more info about the DYMO MobileLabeler here.

See how pretty my labeled closet bins look?? 

5 Tips For Conquering Closet Organization  5. Add Extra Storage Any Place You Can. 

No matter how big or small your space, there are areas you can optimize with extra storage! 

5 Tips For Conquering Closet Organization Look for areas with wasted space and add extra storage! My closet floor was a great example. I never have quite enough shoe storage and stuffing them into the verrry back of the closet isn't the best option for me because I forget those shoes exist. So what I did was I purchased a side table (from Target) with multiple levels and used it to create instant vertical shoe storage! 

Hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you have any questions about my set up OR any suggestions for ways I can improve it further. I always love hearing your ideas! xx -Elsie 

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson, Photography: Elsie Larson and Collin Dupree. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.



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