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MoonMani  Hello, friends! Are you ready for this trendy mani? Psst, it's also really easy too! I love how simple it is to up your mani game with this technique. I couldn't help myself and just had to add a little glitz with some crystals I picked up from the craft store. You can absolutely keep it simple with just the half moon look OR give into the sparkle and add a little shine. ;) 

-small, stiff makeup brush
-polish remover
-polish of your choice
-top coat
-reinforcement labels

MoonManiStep One: Place the reinforcement label on the bottom of your nail. Secure it as much as possible. This won't keep all the polish from running, but it does provide a good base and makes it much easier to clean up! For this mani, I found it easier to do one nail at a time. 

Step Two: After your label is in place, paint on two coats of polish. Immediately and carefully remove sticker. Don't worry, it won't be perfect yet!

Step Three (Optional): While the polish is still wet, drop a crystal in the center of your nail.

MoonMani           MoonMani          MoonMani         Step Four: Using a stiff makeup brush and polish remover, clean up the entire area to achieve the sharp, half moon look. 

Step Five: Apply 1-2 coats of top coat to secure your crystal and give it a beautiful shine. Repeat steps for each nail.

MoonMani    MoonMani
All done, babes! Such a beautiful modern look and so festive! Lots of love, Sav

Credits//Author: Savannah Wallace. Photography: Isabel Jones. Photos edited with the NEW A Beautiful Mess actions.


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