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Nursery wallpaper Earlier this month Jeremy and I completed our dossier, which unlocked a new level of baby prep—NURSERY DECOR. 

We intentionally saved this whole she-bang for this stage in our adoption because this is where it gets REAL hard. Yeah... filling out hundreds of pages of paperwork is easy when you compare it to waiting. And we have no idea how long our wait will be. We've been told to prepare ourselves for up to ten months before we may be matched with a baby. So while we're, of course, hoping for a shortish wait, we're preparing for the long haul.

So we saved this nursery decorating process for now.... to distract me! And what a beautiful distraction it is. My husband knows me so well! 

So far I only have a few things picked out. I know I am using a wallpaper from Lulie Wallace's new line (pictured above). She's one of my favorite artists of all time, and shortly after we decided to adopt, she announced she was doing a wallpaper line. So it was a no-brainer. Her prints are so gorgeous, I had a really hard time choosing. I love the bugs and the swans (and honestly a bunch of the floral prints too—she did NOT make it easy). But I decided to go with Lulu

As far as a theme, we don't want to make it too theme-y, but there's a bit of an animal theme that just kind of happened. I like it because teaching our kiddo to love animals is almost as high up on my priority list as teaching her to like Justin Timberlake. 

Similar to our own bedroom, I want to make our baby's nursery a light, airy space. To me, that just feels like comfort and SLEEP. 

Wicker animals The week last summer that we told friends and family we were adopting, Laura gave me this giant wicker giraffe (you can't see the whole thing here, sorry, but it's a planter too). It was such an insanely risky, but perfect gift. It made me realize that she really does know my style because this giraffe is now the inspiration for the rest of our nursery. (Love you, gummergal!) 

This elephant hamper was the first thing I ordered, just recently. I felt like they made a good pair. I'm probably pretty close to filling my wicker quota now. Planning to focus on white wood for the furniture, and I've been eyeing a blush pink glider. 

So far it's turning out very soft and pretty, so I'd like to add some elements that are on the fun and bold spectrum as well. Or maybe I'll save that for the playroom since I've already got a head start with that rainbow wall

My friend, Cayt, gave me the advice to create a low, accessible bookshelf. So I am definitely planning to do that. I've already got a few cute board books added to my collection. 

I want to hear your mom advice! When you put together your nursery, what things did you love OR regret in the long haul. What was useful? What wasn't? 

Also! Where do you love to shop? I'm already a verified stalker of The Land of Nod

Oh, and while we're at it—I'd love to hear what shops you like for kiddo clothing as well! 

Keep in mind our baby will most likely be above the age of one, so we're not planning for a newborn (but Laura is, so I'm sure she'd love to hear your advice!). It's definitely a priority to me to create a space that can evolve throughout our daughter's childhood.

I'm really excited to spend A LOT of time on this room in the coming months as well as the playroom! It's my favorite project ever. xx -Elsie 

ps. If you missed the news that we are adopting, you can read our announcement here


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