Double braid tutorial (click-through for the full tutorial)-1In my humble opinion, the best braids are also the easiest – especially when you are doing the braiding yourself! I love little braiding "cheats" and faux braids that give you the look of more complicated styles with half of the work. This double braid is definitely one of those easy cheats! It's a fun style that, even if you're new to braiding, you should be able to achieve, and it pays off with a unique look.   Layered double braid tutorial (click-through for the full tutorial) Step One: Separate your hair into two sections and tie the top section up.

Step Two: Make a simple three strand braid using the hair you left down.

Step Three: Pancake your braid to make it as full and wide as possible.

Step Four: Bring down the hair you tied up before and make another simple three strand braid.

Step Five: Use a few bobby pins to position your top braid in the middle of your bottom braid. Tie the two braids together with an elastic.

Layered double braid tutorial (click-through for the full tutorial)That's it! This is one of the easiest braid styles I've done this summer, but it still looks really cool. The only "trick" is to hide your bobby pins so it looks like one braid. I'm already imagining more ways I can play with this style – maybe a fishtail braid on top instead of a regular one? Or keeping each braid more even in style to mimic a traditional four strand braid... so many possibilities! Cheers, Rebecca.

Credits//Author and Photography: Rebecca Stice. 

3 Natural Products I Am Loving (click through for links)Hi, everyone! I'm taking over Elsie's favorite natural products series this week since she is busy finishing up a new eCourse she's been working on. Trying to go a less toxic route over the past year can be challenging at times, so it's always exciting to share and talk about new products I love whenever I find them!

3 Natural Products I Am Loving (click through for links)It's been a little challenging to find good nail polishes that I like (especially in colors that I like). So I was thrilled when I discovered this Aila 8-free nail polish line. The polish feels thick when applied (in a good way), and you can add the Better Than Gel topcoat for an amazingly gel-like finish and feel. I love this mauvey Petunia shade that adds a little bit of color but is still subtle enough to act as a neutral. I'm hooked!

3 Natural Products I Am Loving (click through for links)I'm a little bit obsessed with face washes. There's nothing that feels quite as good as a clean face at the end of a long day, and this enzyme cleansing oil and makeup remover is a great way to wash away the daily grime. It's a very light feeling cleanser, and it's the first time I've tried using a clay cleansing sponge before, so that's been kind of a fun experience! The sponge is a lot gentler than I imagined (it's kind of a hard material until you get it wet), but it really helps to remove all the makeup. You can get 3 months of use out of one sponge. I do like to take off my eye makeup with coconut oil first, but this is great for the rest of the face.

3 Natural Products I Am Loving (click through for links)Savannah told you guys about Bite Beauty in her post about her natural lipstick favorites, and this Cotton Candy color is the perfect bright photo shoot pink! I tend to wear lighter colors most of the time, but it’s always a good idea to have a bright shade on hand for a punchy photo or just as a mood pick-me-up if you know what I mean. The cool thing about Bite is that their ingredients are all food grade, so you could actually eat the lipstick (which is good because you kind of do anyway as it wears off, right?), and you can get it at Sephora. So you can try all the shades and find your favorite like I did.

3 Natural Products I Am Loving (click through for links)I have to admit that I do kind of love having that little pink heart sponge always hanging up in my bathroom now – so cute! I personally love reading product roundups like these, and I hope you guys have found a few new items that you’d like to try as well! What natural products have you been into lately? xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. 

Emma's guest bedroomElsie Larson and Emma ChapmanI am so stoked to share my guest bedroom makeover with you guys today. Elsie and I worked on this makeover together, emailing ideas back and forth, because 1.) I respect her opinion, and 2.) she and Jeremy are actually the guests who use this room the most when they come back to Springfield to visit or work since their move to Nashville. So it seemed only fitting that she love the space just as much as me – it was a fun sister project to do together. 

We also got to work with the awesome folks at Joss & Main. Pretty much all of the items in this room we found on their site, which is huge! And they are hosting a sale right now that ties in with our guest bedroom makeover – so fun! 

Guest room before and afterSince Trey and I moved into our home last autumn, the guest bedroom has pretty much just become a catchall for random furniture or items from our last house. Although it was usable... there was a bed you could sleep on after all... the room had ZERO point of view and felt kind of forgotten. And honestly this is because we really don't use this room ourselves all that much. So I did kind of forget to make it a priority for a while – time to remedy this. 

So, my goals for the room were pretty simple:
-Clean out items we no longer want or need.
-Create a clean, cohesive space with a point of view.
-Make sure the room is functional as well as comfortable for guests.
-Keep the room feeling as spacious and free from clutter as possible. 

The first thing I did was clean out the space, which included selling the dresser that we really didn't need and took up a lot of space as well as a rug that I had rolled up in this room that I loved but didn't really have a spot for in our home (it was from our last house). I ended up selling both items to a friend who sent me some pics of them in her house, and they look just great in her space! I'm glad I didn't hang on to things I truly didn't need because now they are appreciated somewhere else. 

Joss and Main guest bedroomThe next step was figuring out a cohesive look/color palette, and then getting items that fit this but also helped the overall functionality of the room. One thing that made this easy was the Joss & Main website, which allows you to make Idea Boards right on the site. So I would add items to this, and then let Elsie go check it out – which made working on this long distance a breeze. You can shop anything in this post by visiting this link. Be sure to go check out the sale; it only lasts for two weeks! 

Bedside lampExtra blanketsThrow blanket ladderThis room doesn't have an overhead light (or any builtin lighting), so I knew a good lamp would be essential. I also love this leaning ladder that I can store extra blankets or towels on for guests. Cute and functional!

Guest bedroom mirrorAcryclic side tableGold bookendJust inside the door there is a beautiful mirror so guests can finish getting ready in the room if they need, an acrylic stacking side table that you can pull out if you want, and a cute little basket I added a few guest snacks too just for fun. Elsie always has snacks in the guest room when I visit her, and I love this. So I figured I'd return the favor. :)

Awesome blackout curtainsLove these curtains! The neutral tone went well with our overall design, but they are also blackout curtains, which means guest won't have to rise with the sun unless they want to. Also, naps are possible. Double win!

Chair cornerGuest bedroom artMini gallery wallPouf and chairNext to the bed is some seating as well as a pretty pouf. This is the spot to kick back and relax in the room, or you could set your suitcase on the pouf. I'm not strict, so guests can do as they please. :) 

I also added a little personal touch to this area by printing, framing, and hanging a few pictures I've taken from past vacations. I stuck with all ocean/beach pictures because I love them, and I think they also make the room feel calm – kind of beach house feeling. 

Bedside tableComfy guest bedroom makeover

  I also have this little tray that sits on the bed that I fill with guest toiletries. My thinking was they can just pick up the entire tray and set it on the hallway bathroom counter, right by their room. But it's nice to have some little extra things for them in case anyone forgets shampoo or a toothbrush. When I visit Elsie, my usual overpacking of toiletries goes by the wayside because since she's my sister, I know I can steal a little shampoo from her – I've been doing it since high school! So, again, I figured I'd better return the favor. 

Also, side note, I haven't mentioned the headboard yet! I think it's my favorite item in the whole room, and it really makes a statement without being overly showy. I just love it!

Guest bedroom essentialsEmma Chapman and Elsie LarsonComfy guest bedroom makeoverLast time Elsie and Jeremy came to visit, they got to check out the room and see everything in real life! It was so fun making over a space with my sister, and I can't wait for them to stay again. Thanks for letting me share my guest room makeover with you! xx. Emma

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman. Project assistance: Claire Shaffer. Photography: Janae Hardy and Emma Chapman. 

Bold Brows DIYToday I get to share my best tips on one of my favorite beauty topics, brows! I'm convinced brows make the look, and I love the trend of a fuller, bolder, more natural looking brow. If someone were to ask me what three steps in my makeup routine I would do if I could only do those three steps for the rest of my life, I would pick brows, mascara and chapstick every time. Yes, girl! 

As a teenager, I had such thick brows. I don't know if it was the stresses of college or having kiddos, but my brows have lost so much thickness over my adult years. So I especially love having a brow routine that looks great and lasts all day. 

There was a time when I used a matte eyeshadow to fill in my brows and always had issues with it smudging on my face. My brow picks for this tutorial are SO much better than using shadow, and they last beautifully through the day too!

Bold BrowsBold Brow SuppliesWhat I Used:
-100% Pure Double Ended Brow Brush + Spoolie 
-100% Pure Long Last Brows Pomade (comes with a free eyebrow brush!) 
-Glossier Boy Brow
-Glossier Stretch Concealer
-Sigma Angled Brush

Step One: Prep your brows! For this step I like to make sure my brows are trimmed up. I do this by using a spoolie brush and brushing my eyebrows straight up, trimming the longer pieces carefully. Then, I'll go in with tweezers and get any of those baby hairs that are obviously out of place. I typically don't tweeze to avoid my natural brows getting any thinner than they are! After those steps, I'll use the spoolie end of my eyebrow brush to comb them out and get everything in place. 

Bold Brows DIY    Bold Brow Supplies Step Two: Time to start adding shape to your brows and filling them in! I'm using the Long Last Brow from 100% Pure, and I LOVE this product. It is incredibly easy to work with, and I love the way it makes my brows look. I've used a lot of high end brow products, and this is officially on my list as one of the best. Bonus points for being all natural too! Even though this product comes with an eyebrow brush, I like to use this small angled brush the most. Using the brush, scoop a little bit of the product out and put it on the back of your hand. The trick is to get an even amount of product on both sides of your brush so you can work with it a little at a time and not get too much at once. This will give you more control and a more natural end result. 

Bonus Tip: I love using my brow brush to visualize the shape of my brow. Check out the photos below to see how I measure where my brows should start and end. 

Bold Brows DIY      Step Three: Start at the arch of your brow. Slowly carve out the bottom of the arch to define the middle portion of your brow. I like using small strokes to give it a more natural hair texture. Once you've carved out the bottom, define the top of your arch. Remember, start off conservatively... you can always add more and make them bolder. Don't go too bold too fast! 

Bold Brows     Step Four: Fill in the middle part of your brow. Again, use a soft hand and hair-like strokes to avoid it looking too harsh. Also, avoid the first third of your brows, we'll take care of that step soon!

Step Five: Using our makeup brush trick, carve out the tail end of your brow. I always like to start out defining the bottom of my brow, then the top and then filling it in afterward. When defining the tail end, make sure you take your time to give it a soft point and not make it too thick. 

Bold Brows DIY
Step Six: Now to finish up the first third of your brows. Go in with a little more product and lightly draw a line at the bottom of the beginning of your brow to your arch. Turning your angled brush so it's straight up and down, draw in tiny hairs to fill everything in. The trick is to fill it in slightly less than the rest of your brow to give it more of an ombre look. This also helps it look less harsh. I love making the hairs at the beginning of my brow go up to give my brows a little bit more of a thicker look. 

After you've done these steps, just check out both of your brows to see if you need to add any thickness to the shape and spot check any sparse areas. And now for the final touches...

Bold Brows DIY       Step Seven: I love using the Boy Brow from Glossier to add in texture and keep my brows in place all day. This is also a great stand alone tool if you're not looking to super define your brows but still want to make them look a little thicker. Great for those quick, on-the-go looks!

Step Eight: Use the spoolie end of your brush to lightly comb your brows and work the product in. This helps everything look more like your natural hair and less like makeup. 

Bold Brows           Step Nine: Using a concealer and an angled brush (I used the brush that came with my brow product for this step), draw a line beneath your brows. Start at the beginning and go all the way to the tail. This will clean everything up and give you a slight highlight. Be sure to blend out the concealer by using your brush and blending downward. As an added bonus, I like to go in with my favorite highlighter and add just a touch beneath the arch of my brows to give it a pretty highlight. 

Bold Brows DIY        Brows are part practice and part really great brow products! Take your time and build them up to your desired shape slowly. Remember, eyebrows are sisters not twins, so it's okay if they don't look completely identical. ;)

Bold Brows Bold Brows DIY  Rock those bold brows! Lots of love, Sav

Credits//Author: Savannah Wallace. Photography: Savannah Wallace + Isabel Jones.

Amazing! Painted Patio Tile DIY (click through for tutorial                 It's always bittersweet to move from one house to another. With our new house in Nashville we moved to last year, there are definitely a few things I like a lot better about the new place (more space, better bathroom layouts, more natural light) and a few things I wasn't as thrilled about (smaller closets and no kitchen counter space to name a few). One of the things I really missed from our last house was the backyard setup that we had with a wooden deck area and a pergola covered patio area as well. Our new house only has a small cement patio off the back porch and not much else to speak of. So I really wanted to give the area a bit of help to make it feel like a cozy space.

One of my favorite things I did at our last house was paint a rather elaborate painted rug on our patio, and since I was so happy with that result, I thought another painted floor might be just the solution at this house as well. Rather than a rug, I wanted to try a black and white tile pattern instead, and after a few hours of inspiration scouring, I decided that a slightly  amended version of this beautiful tiled patio would be just right for the space. Once I had the pattern picked out, it was time to roll up my sleeves and get to work!

Amazing! Painted Patio Tile DIY (click through for tutorial                                  Before painting the concrete area, I cleaned the concrete with a degreaser/etcher (I used this one) and a long-handled stiff broom. The cleaner helps remove grease and makes the concrete more porous for paint adhesion.

Amazing! Painted Patio Tile DIY (click through for tutorial                 Once the cement was dry, I painted 2 coats of a porch and floor paint over the surface (I left the white untinted).

Amazing! Painted Patio Tile DIY (click through for tutorial                 Once the paint was dry (I gave it a day to set), I used painter's tape and a tape measure to mark off 8 even segments all the way around the concrete so it would be 64 segments total. Since my concrete wasn't a perfect square, my tiles are rectangles and not squares, but I didn't want to have any "half tiles" somewhere. So I adjusted them to fit the space, and it still keeps the same overall vibe.

With the sections marked off around the edge, I was able to tape off whole rows at a time by connecting the marks to the corresponding ones on the other side of the concrete. Once I had a row, I could tape off the smaller sections within the row as well. 

Amazing! Painted Patio Tile DIY (click through for tutorial                 Since the "tiles" are supposed to be touching, I worked on painting every other row and every other square (with Sherwin-Williams Tricorn Black) until the whole area was filled in. So, as in the photo above, I worked on rows 2, 4, 6, and 8 and taped off and painted every other tile in those rows. 

Amazing! Painted Patio Tile DIY (click through for tutorial                 Once those triangles were dry (2 coats of paint), I removed the vertical and angled smaller lines of tape but left the long horizontal lines of tape marking off the whole row. Once I added new vertical and diagonal lines, I could fill in those triangles as well until the whole row was complete.

Amazing! Painted Patio Tile DIY (click through for tutorial                 Now that half the rows are done, the pattern is starting to take shape and I removed all the tape so far.

Amazing! Painted Patio Tile DIY (click through for tutorial                 Since half my lines are filled in, I basically taped off every other square in the blank rows by simply connecting the existing triangles in the other rows. Once I painted those in, removed the tape and repeated with the other sections, my floor was almost complete!

Amazing! Painted Patio Tile DIY (click through for tutorial                 Since the concrete is rougher and smoother in different parts, I had a few rough spots where the paint bled under the painter's tape. So I used a wide craft brush to simply touch up the line with some of the white paint.

Amazing! Painted Patio Tile DIY (click through for tutorial
Once I did my touchups, my floor was complete!

Amazing! Painted Patio Tile DIY (click through for tutorial                 Amazing! Painted Patio Tile DIY (click through for tutorial                 Amazing! Painted Patio Tile DIY (click through for tutorial                 Amazing! Painted Patio Tile DIY (click through for tutorial                 Amazing! Painted Patio Tile DIY (click through for tutorial                 AGGGHH! I love it!! The space is feeling SO much better with the faux tile, and I love how the pops of green plants stand out against the pattern. Projects like this can be a lot of work, but the saved money vs. tiling and the happiness payoff are pretty big deals. I also decided to rig up a patio lighting system that didn't require a pergola. I'll show you how I did that soon, but I can't wait to spend a few end-of-summer evenings outside on this baby! xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman


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