I first have to note that I purchased this striping tape on Amazon, spent $6.00 and got 20 different colors, and each roll has TWENTY yards! I don't understand how I'll ever use that much striping tape, but I'm in love! This was such a fun technique to try, and I love all of the different applications and designs you can do. I went for a really varied minimal look, but you can easily make this look even more minimal with just one stripe per nail or go ham and create some amazing designs. I'm really excited to try out some different looks in the future! 

-curved manicure scissors (the curve makes it easier to cut a good angle on the tape)
-polish of your choice
-top coat
-striping tape

StripingNailsStep One: Paint two coats of polish on your nails and let dry. 

Step Two: Select a few of your favorite striping tape colors. I was all about the coppers and blues. Start by cutting a small amount and carefully lay on your nail. Use the scissors to press down on the tape to make sure it's secure on your nail. Once secure and in place, use the scissors to snip the remaining tape, getting as close to the nail as possible. I even cut off just a little bit extra so nothing was layering over my nails. Use different colors and angles to finish creating your designs. 

MinimalNailsDIY             MinimalNailsDIY           MinimalNailsDIY          MinimalNailsDIY       MinimalNailsDIY      Step Three: Apply a good top coat and don't forget to coat the tips of your nails to make sure everything is set nicely. Let dry completely!

I love looking down and seeing such a simple shine and design. I was impressed with how easy the tape was to work with. It laid on the nails beautifully and made it easy to create fun designs! 

MinimalNailsDIY MinimalNailsDIYEnjoy your next mani night. ;) Lots of love, Sav

Credits // Author & Photography: Savannah Wallace and Jon Wallace. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

Pom, Beet, and Hidden Greens Smoothie (via It's the time of year when I think we're all trying to eat a little better. It might be that you've made some kind of New Year's resolution around something health related (go you!), or it could be that after holiday overindulging, you are just looking to regroup, reset, and get back to packing in more plants in your diet. I guess I probably fall more into the second category, as my resolution this year is not centered around eating well or working out. I tend to set those kinds of goals more often for shorter amounts of time (like a monthly challenge—that's more my speed). 

But no matter where you are at, I have to say that a big glass of delicious fruits and vegetables in the morning or late afternoon just feels GOOD. 

Pom, Beet, and Hidden Greens Smoothie (via smoothie packs quite a lot in since it's made of ALL plants and tastes surprisingly refreshing. I highly recommend you give this combination a try no matter whether you're a green smoothie person or you've always felt a little nervous about them. :)

Ingredients for hidden greens smoothiePomegranate, Beet, and Hidden Greens Smoothie. Makes one. 

1 beet (approximately 3 oz.)
1/2 apple, I recommend granny smith for the tart flavor (approximately 2.5 oz.)
1 big handful of spinach (approximately 1 oz.)
4 big mint leaves
1/2 cup 100% pomegranate juice

Peel and then wash the beet, removing any dirt or leaves. Cut into 4-5 pieces. 

100% plants smoothie and juice recipesIn a good blender (I love my Vitamix!), combine the beet, apple (seeds and stem removed), spinach, mint, and pomegranate juice. Blend really, really well. You don't want any leaves or large pieces of beet or apple left. A smooth consistency throughout is what you are aiming for. 

Pom, Beet, and Hidden Greens Smoothie (via  Enjoy immediately. Super simple, right? Just a few notes here, and then go get your smoothie on!

-This smoothie will be on the thin side, but not so thin that it is like juice. If you want the consistency of this to be more like juice, add 1/2 cup of water before blending. You can strain through a fine mesh strainer, but consuming all of the plants is more nutritious, so I recommend not straining. 

-I tend to wear gloves when I cook with beets as they have a tendency to stain your skin. Also watch out if your counter tops are marble as it can stain those as well. 

-Since we will be consuming the apple skin and all of the spinach and mint, it's best to buy organic if you can. In general I prefer to buy organic all the time, but I know this isn't always budget friendly. So I at least recommend it when you plan to consume the skin of a plant (apples, berries, etc.). 

Happy smoothie making! xo. Emma

Credits // Author and Photography: Emma Chapman. Photos edited with the NEW A Beautiful Mess actions

January Happy Mail and Messy Box January Happy Mail and Messy Box     Happy unboxing day! The designs in this month's Happy Mail and Messy Box subscriptions are so rad. And that hot pink star marker— such a cute way to personalize your envelopes.

January Happy Mail and Messy Box  Subscribe to Happy Mail here.

January Happy Mail and Messy Box    These colors are so dreamy.

January Happy Mail and Messy Box   Subscribe to Messy Box here.

Want to see everything? Here's the unboxing video:

Let us know in the comments if you have any questions or suggestions for future kits! xx.  


So pretty! Layered soap DIY (click through for tutorial)          While we've tried a few different ways of making soaps here on ABM, a soap trend that I've been seeing that I haven't gotten the chance to test drive yet is the layered soap technique. I've seen some pretty handmade soaps that are not only layered, but that also have irregularly shaped layers, and I really wanted to see if I could create something that had that same organic quality to the layers. Turns out, it's actually harder to make not perfectly even layers of soap (it's like any other liquid that just wants to lay flat), but a few tricks gave me the wavy layers I was going for!

So pretty! Layered soap DIY (click through for tutorial)          Supplies:
-soap dye
-melt and pour soap (I used a little more than 1 1/2 pounds for my loaf.)
-small loaf pan or silicon loaf pan
-sharp knife
-glass or microwave-safe container
-wax paper
-essential oil or soap fragrance 
-small spray bottle with rubbing alcohol

So pretty! Layered soap DIY (click through for tutorial)          If you don't have a silicon loaf pan, start by lining your pan with wax paper so the finished soap won't stick to your pan when it's time to remove it. I basically folded a piece down into the pan, cut the excess out of the corners and taped the cut seams together.

So pretty! Layered soap DIY (click through for tutorial)          Cut about 2 cups of small cubes of melt and pour soap and place them in a microwave-safe bowl or cup. Melt at 30 second intervals in microwave until melted, stirring between each session. Add your first dye to achieve whatever color you want the first layer to be.

So pretty! Layered soap DIY (click through for tutorial)          Pour a little more than 1/3 of your melted soap into your loaf pan and elevate one side so that it all pools up on the lefthand side (tip: give the soap a quick spray with rubbing alcohol after each pour to remove air bubbles). Allow it to cool for a few moments until it won't roll back when you flatten it again. Repeat the process on the right side so you get a ridge on that side as well.

So pretty! Layered soap DIY (click through for tutorial)          Once you have a dip up both sides of the pan, pour the rest of the soap into the middle of the loaf pan and gently rock the pan from side to side so the middle makes an imperfect shape as well as it cools.

So pretty! Layered soap DIY (click through for tutorial)     Next you'll melt two more cups of soap cubes and add whichever soap color you want for your next layer. While you are waiting for the soap to melt, cut a few thin slices of soap from your un-dyed soap block. Make lengthwise cuts so you end up with long white soap strips. Pour half of your melted soap into your loaf mold, wait 30 seconds, and then add in as many of the white soap strips that will fit while still leaving some room between them. 

So pretty! Layered soap DIY (click through for tutorial)          Pour in the other half of your soap to completely cover the white strips.

So pretty! Layered soap DIY (click through for tutorial)          Melt another 2 cups of soap for the top layer, add your dye, and pour in about 3/4 of your soap into your mold.

So pretty! Layered soap DIY (click through for tutorial)          Let the soap in your melting bowl cool a bit. As it cools, scrape off the semi-solid top layer that starts to form and spoon it onto the top of your soap to create a textured top. Repeat until all the halfway cooled soap is spread across the top of your soap loaf. Allow your soap to totally cool, and then you can remove it from the pan, peel off the wax paper, and slice your soap into 1" bars!

So pretty! Layered soap DIY (click through for tutorial)          So pretty! Layered soap DIY (click through for tutorial)           While all of the layers and different colors can be a bit of a pain, it's so fun to slice the soap at the end and see how pretty your layers look together! The long white sticks that you inserted into the middle layer will look like floating dots and the irregular layers give it that special handmade look and feel. You can also mix in some soap fragrance or essential oil into each layer as you mix in the dye for a dreamy scent as well as a dreamy look. Have fun making your own creations! xo. Laura

Credits//Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with New A Beautiful Mess actions

At Home with Jaclyn Joslin Bubble Chandelier/Pelle, Chairs/Crate & Barrel.

Today we're thrilled to share Jaclyn Joslin's gorgeous home with you. Jaclyn is an interior designer and the owner of Coveted Home, a boutique and interior design company located in Kansas City, MO. We can't wait to stop by the next time we visit KC. We're really loving all of the earth tones and texture in her space. So refreshing!

At Home with Jaclyn Joslin        "My home is located in Prairie Village, Kansas, and I’ve lived here with my boyfriend, Nicholas, and my Brussels Griffon, Simone, since November of 2013. It’s a 1950s ranch with a simple and modern design. I fell in love with this home for its large windows, brick fireplace and open layout. From the moment I first saw it, I knew it was the one!

At Home with Jaclyn Joslin       "Hands down, my favorite space is the living room. With its large windows and vaulted ceiling, it feels much larger than it actually is. It’s open to the dining area and kitchen, making it a central and inviting focal point for the home. Most evenings you can find me piled on the sofa with Nicholas and Simone, snuggling and watching our favorite show.

At Home with Jaclyn Joslin                                 "One of my most favorite pieces is the vintage coffee table in my living room. It was my grandparents', and after they passed, I found it shoved into a corner of an unused room. I had just moved into my home and knew that it would make for the perfect addition in my living room.

At Home with Jaclyn Joslin                             Sofa/Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, Leopard Pillow/Coveted Home, Textured Pillow/Nate Berkus for Target.

"Another one of my favorites is a vintage chair, also in my living room, that I had reupholstered in mudcloth. For a little chair, it packs a big punch! And somehow, despite the recent trend of mudcloth everything, I’m not sick of it!

At Home with Jaclyn Joslin    At Home with Jaclyn Joslin   "Because I’m an interior designer and own a home décor store, I’m always bringing home new textiles, furniture and accents to try out. Most recently, I’ve found my home has become heavily influenced by my trips abroad. For instance, the rug in my living room is from my trip to Morocco last year. It adds the perfect pop of color, and I think the unique pattern goes a long way in making a statement while adding flair to the space.

At Home with Jaclyn Joslin             At Home with Jaclyn Joslin via  At Home with Jaclyn Joslin via A Beautiful MessPrescott Wall Mirror/Arteriors Home.

At Home with Jaclyn Joslin via"I’m also so in love with the piece of art above the bar in my kitchen. I found it in an antique shop while visiting a friend in San Diego. It’s riddled with creases and tears and not in the most desirable frame, but the imagery is so powerful. I’ve always wanted to know the story behind it. 

At Home with Jaclin Joslin                     Pendant Light/Cedar & Moss.

"I’ve lived in this house for three years and am happy to say that it is constantly evolving! The kitchen was originally very dark with a black granite countertop and backsplash. When we renovated, I opted for a lighter countertop, fresh pearl backsplash and painted cabinetry. The end result is a relaxed, light and airy space with sparkle and rustic sophistication!"

At Home with Jaclyn JoslinThat's exactly how we would describe it! Be sure to check out Jaclyn's home decor site, The Coveted Home, and follow her on Instagram here. xo. -The ABM team.

Credits// Author: Jaclyn Joslin. Photography: Sarah Sweeney Photography.


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